A piece of Paradise – Adventurers on their Track!

Real adventures are authentic adventures. Require self-initiative, fear control, courage and, above all, willingness to accept the case of failure. But if your feeling is telling you - your life needs more intense moments, then let yourself be inspired.
Think BIG – Think CREATIVE – Set your GOAL – Take ACTION!

Together, many things are possible. msx02092016is generally present!

A Piece of Paradise – World Tour Adventurers on their Track!

Worldwide Sponsorships – MSX has been involved worldwide since 2016...

Per Karlström – A passionate traveler living his dream. He wanted to change...

Adventures of two Aussies attempting to conquer the world by bike...

Alex Gendron, A photographer riding his bicycle from New Zealand to France

Radu Păltineanu, #CycleTheAmericas - The Story (so far)

Michael & Sybille Fleischmann – Mit Fahrrädern und zwei Hunden um die Welt

Hello world! My name is Jonathan, and this a story of a transformation in progress

From the Islands of the UK to the Islands of Japan. A journey from one island to ...

Morgan Finlay, 'Urban Rider' decides to ride a bike across Germany. And ...

Melanie & Sebastian Kade – 12.000km auf dem Fahrrad quer durch Asien

Mit dem Rad gen Osten: Deutschland über Asien nach...

Tomek & Elzbieta – Zu zweit auf dem Fahrrad quer durch Afrika

Julia & Stefan Meinhold – Vom Banker zum Biker. Und zurück!

Sven Schirmer – Erlebe die Radreisen von Sven Schirmer


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