Perl Karlström / A passionate traveler living his dream

Per Karlström / Traveler living his dream
Per Karlström / Traveler living his dream copyright© Per Karlström

Per Karlström – A passionate traveler living his dream. He wanted to change...

I wanted to change my life completely. I felt an urgent need to add more adventure to my life and do more things I felt passionate about. So, I decided to go for it, and so I did.

Not really knowing where to start or what to do, me and my partner in life got inspired to travel the world full time. I have always been a passionate traveler. We quickly realized that sailing or flying was not an option for us. Enthusiastic cyclists as we are, we decided to cycle around the world. Without any previous experience or prior knowledge we started to research, plan and make a budget. We decided to quit our jobs and sold our apartment and most of the things in it. One and a half year later we jumped on our bikes in Uppsala, Sweden and pedaled south aiming for South Africa. From South Africa we will fly to somewhere in Asia and continue to Australia. From Australia we will once again get on a flight, this time to Argentina and explore south and North America.

Now, ten months into the journey I\'b4m so glad I did it. This is the best decision in my life so far. We can\'b4t imagine living any other way. People ask me about the difficulties of living this way. In fact, the most difficult part when changing my life completely and set out on a journey like this was to make the decision. Once the decision was made and the goal was clear, the dream became unstoppable.

This lifestyle offers a lot of adventure and excitement. Never knowing what`s around the next bend or who I`m going to meet, the simplicity of carrying everything I need on my bike and feeling truly free. This feeling is the fuel I need to keep going.


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