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Worldwide Sponsorships – MSX has been involved worldwide since 2016...

MSX has been involved in numerous sponsoring projects. We help people realize their dreams - their dreams, not ours. Expeditions projects, travel projects or photography projects, we will support it..

Together a lot is possible! / Together we can reach more! In addition to personalized sponsorship projects, the projects with athletes and outdoor users are important for us, because they actively participate in the product development. In this way, our products continually increase and overcome the actual limits regarding function, robustness and in aesthetics. You have our products not necessarily already in use. However, it is certainly an advantage to enter and understand the MSX product world. If the result of a creative and ambitious team is a highly developed product with amazing function components, this can not be bad for the general public. This is an extra value for the outdoor sport world.

Our strategy is not to treat the sponsoring partners from the various fields of application as service providers, but to take them and their expertise seriously and to adopt and implement suggestions as quickly as possible. Remarkable sponsorship projects from the world of MSX you can find on Instagram @mainstream_msx

Inquiries for a sponsored project in the field of outdoor and sports, global questions on the topic, new ideas or suggestions on sponsoring can be sent to us here quickly and easily. Send us your request, specifying your project description. If available add a biography, videos, pictures or links. We will respond to you promptly and will actively support you during an active sponsoring project.


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