Great design with awesome functional components. At high scalable usability.
Respect for those who do it better!

Great stuff and amazing show on the road — Even on roughest terrain along the way!
Our robust, 100% waterproof panniers!
Years ahead in style and technology. Meet the model series SL 55 and series SLR 55

Consciously Robust - Durable - Undoubtedly Sustainable - Sure Sympathetic

Modellklasse SL 55

Expressive trimmed for Sportiness and Dynamism at any Stage!  Our 100% waterproof, 100% dustproof Panniers – Lowriders. Model Class SLR 55!

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I am What Iam: The waterproof handlebar bag CLS 55 MX!

The true heart beat of a new generation of waterproof handlebar bags. Superior MSX technology for all materials and components. Touring- / E-Bike und Mountainbike prädestiniert bis ins letzte Detail. With German precision, the PLUS MINUS MagnetModul-Technology has been brought to the highest level

Of course more than just great lifestyle in waterproof design language! Probably the highway star among the waterproof handlebar bags!

cls55mx qrcode141176

The Bikeshort BACK–COUNTRY ICON – Intensives Moments !
Authentic CLASSIC DENIM. Separates the Masters from the Apprentices !

23 Years

Current Lifetime

An undisputed Classic with an expressive, emotional lifestyle Design. Does not compromise!
Function combined the perfect Fit. Or the other way around!

When One needs a break. And when the moment becomes important.
Comfortable and well dressed. It`s up to You !

Balance and Happiness do not require further lyrics

Encounter with color matrix: IconBlack / GreenishGrey

Authentic Core Short BACK-COUNTRY
IconBlack / GreenishGrey

Encounter with color matrix: IconRed

Bikeshort BACK-COUNTRY Farbmatrix: IconRed
Bikeshort BACK-COUNTRY FArbmatrix: IconRed
color matrix: IconRed
Back-Country ICON - Marco Polo Mountain Range

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