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BikingBorders / Max and Nono
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We are Max and Nono - both 24-years old and from Germany.
After four years of studying, we have now graduated from university and decided to make a crazy gap year that helps others to also get an education.
A gap year in which we want to cycle 15.000 kilometres from Germany to China.

Education has opened us many opportunities to choose from and we think of Biking Borders of our very own way of combining adventure with the chance of giving something back.
With our adventure, we want to raise digital awareness for educational problems. That’s why we teamed up with the NGO Pencils of Promise.

It is our goal to overcome our own boundaries with the ultimate goal to build a school in Guatemala and to educate 400 students for an entire year!

We also enjoy living an ecological lifestyle: the only petrol we use is for our small stove, and the only heating of our tent is our body heat. We eat from nature as much as we can: berries, nuts, fruits, mushroom, herbs and the odd roadkill deer. The bonus is that being ecological also most of the time means being economical. Not buying imported food packed in plastic saves both natural resources and money. Getting good quality gear that will last for years and years to come, means not having to replace worn out stuff all that often.

You can find out more about us and our trip. Just follow our adventure on social medias.


Instagram: @bikingborders

YouTube: BikingBorders


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BikingBorders / Max and Nono

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