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Jonathan Fleischman / His Story
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Almost 4 years ago I decided to quit my job in a big corporation in Lima, Peru, where I am from, to start a new way of life. I moved to Utrecht, Netherlands, a city with more bikes than people and started working as bike repairman.

One day a bike traveller came into the shop for a quick tune up, and as he started telling me about his adventures I could feel how much they resonated with me. Like some sort of miracle, the next week a regular client walks into the shop with an old touring bike frame he wanted to get rid of. I happily received it as a gift, and immediately started rebuilding it into good shape.

When the summer started, I had finished my Master studies and my bike was ready for its first tour with me on the saddle. I decided to make my first bike trip to the Swiss Alps. The great sense of freedom that slow travelling on my bike gave me, made me realize I wanted to travel the world in this way.

I am about to embark in a journey around the world with a mission of sustainable living. The plan is to stop in as many sustainable communities as possible and document what they are doing. My intention is to share the way of living sustainably with the world, through my photos, videos and writings.

Leaving from the Netherlands, my bike will take me all the way to the South of Spain to reunite with the love of my life, Lizzie. There we will work together in a Sustainable Community / Education center for the winter. In May 2017, we will cross towards North America to join the Green Riders Across America, helping out different communities with growing their own food, from Boston to Seattle. And then, the second part of the big adventure starts: America North to South.

See you on the road . . .


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Jonathan Fleischman

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