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The BikingsProject
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The Bikings Project are three friends going around the whole of Australia by bicycle. They started in Perth and will cover almost 16,000 km till they arrive back to Perth. The project started back in November of 2016 with a pilot trip in Australia ́s Northern Territory. Twenty days of adventure under the strong heats of summer going from Alice Springs to Uluru, cycling a total of 1200km.

Daniel is a digital creative, Max a sound designer and together with Franco, who is a cook and percusionist, they form “Guampas del Sur”, their duo band. They carrie a Peruvian Box and a Spanish guitar on their bikes and play in every place they can along the way.

Documenting the journey, making music, recording wildlife and ambience sounds are some of the things the Bikings do. But their main focus is to get into interesting stories and persons. Sharing and receiving and get to know the country through its people. A moving production agency going on wheels.

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