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Peyman and Matilda
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For two years we lived in Helsinki, Finland in a tiny van without heating or running water and worked to save up money. In August 2018 we finally sold our car and most of our belongings and cycled off into the world. We packed everything we thought we will need on our bikes, leaving behind little but our snowboards in Matilda's parents garage.

Now, pedal stroke by pedal stroke we are travelling around the world, visiting every continent and exploring all the cultures we meet. Not to have a schedule or the feeling of the end of our adventures approaching, we decided we will travel for ten years. Who knows, maybe we will never want to stop.

Travelling for so long means it is a lifestyle, and we love it. Discovering new places every day, meeting the most wonderful people and ending each day by pinching our home at a new, wild campsite. It is all an adventure, and it is all so exiting and inspiring we can not imagine it ever getting boring.
This trip has already given another understanding of our lifes and the meaning of freedom. It feels like we have discovered a whole new planet we wouldn't see if we wouldn't start this journey.

We also enjoy living an ecological lifestyle: the only petrol we use is for our small stove, and the only heating of our tent is our body heat. We eat from nature as much as we can: berries, nuts, fruits, mushroom, herbs and the odd roadkill deer. The bonus is that being ecological also most of the time means being economical. Not buying imported food packed in plastic saves both natural resources and money. Getting good quality gear that will last for years and years to come, means not having to replace worn out stuff all that often.

You can find out more about our trip and follow our adventures on social media. You never know, we might be passing close by. If so, welcome to join us for a cup of evening tea. We would love to hear your story.


Instagram: @nomadstrails

YouTube: Nomad`s Trails


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Nomad's Trails / Peyman and Matilda

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