Great design with awesome functional components. At high scalable usability.
Respect for those who do it better!

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A final product is only as good as the components installed will allow it to be. Understand innovative MSX technologies. Understand exciting product design. Understand functionality and at the same time genuine, long-lasting product value!

Our robust, tolerant, waterproof Panniers! Stylistically and technically in every respect years in Advance. With exciting Product Design!
Encounter with model class SL 55SRL 55 – und ML 55

Conscious Robust - Durable - Doubtless Sustainable - most certainly Sympathetic!



Hey, Hey, Hey, It`s me.  I`m a high-class zipper with specified function
100% Waterproof   100% Dustproof. Made for rainy days to keep your gear dry!

zipper montiert2560650

We know about the outstanding quality class (High end class) of the 100% waterproof zippers used on MSX–Products and show this class of quality here in Big Format


100% Waterproof   100% Dustproof!

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QuickLock-Technology. ONE-TWO-THREE SIXTY® – Three-point Fastening System!

Three-point attachment - because shape-stable, vibration-free fastening at rack (carrier) is indispensable



The direct locking system with three-point fastening system ensures absolutely form stable, absolutely twist-free and a vibration-free fastening on racks/carriers. The consciously robust and one-piece T-Bone ensures reliable shape stability along the entire bag height. Compared to two parts designed systems, the not wanted and not esthetichal bending of the bags along the vertical axis is thereby avoided

Cross locking module with internal rubber lining

The receptacle for the lower transverse locking module allows an infinitely adjustable positioning at full 360 ° within an elliptical range of 240 mm x 170 mm. Compatible with all rack/carrier constructions with vertical brace

The abrasion-resistant inner rubber coating prevents completely the sliding of plastic on painted metal bodies and like this it prevents bag movements on the Y-axis. Lacquer damage now belong to the past

Quick-Mounting Module "OneTouch-System V8" (OTS-V8)!

Transcendent MSX technology defines the ease of use of the QuickLock mounting modules, especially on waterproof panniers for bicycles - completely NEW!  The perfect synthesis of intelligent german Engineering and expressive german Design. Technical and design manufacturing by MSX-Europe/Germany - South Bavaria. Assembled by MSX-China.


Thought out to the smallest Detail.
Meticulously developed.
Built with absolute Precision.

Technical product film

Protective panel on the most stressed, particularly exposed areas! Because sustainability is defined, in the first place and above all by the longevity of a product!

Therefore we built a plastic panel with flat and additionally circumferential edge protection at the lower inner wheel area. To secure these particularly exposed areas from unwanted damage for a long time.

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exponiet bottom1000400

PLUS MINUS ProSafe-Sicherheitselemente by MSX PLUS–MINUS PROSAFE®MSX  -  Reflective Safety Elements.

Be Seen!

PLUS MINUS ProSafe by MSXPLUSPLUS MINUS ProSafe by MSXMINUS PROSAFE - Security elements designed to ensure the highest level of passive road safety for all users of the MSX Pack Bags at dusk or at night. Conventional reflector elements as circles or polygons were not enough for us. On the other hand, flat reflection elements are without reference and become very obvious by disturbing the aesthetics tremendously.

On the other hand, recognition marks, simple in form, but rich and deep in their meaning, transport an associative, emotional message and create an immediate valuable symbolic force. MSX own PLUS MINUS ProSafe by MSXPLUSPLUS MINUS ProSafe by MSXMINUS  PROSAFE-Security Elements are visual, highly effective reflection elements with enormous symbolic power and distinctive optics. Manufactured as a 3D-Body made of High Strength Adhesive 3M-Tape™. With a diameter of 75mm each – With enormous reflection power.


Without the two poles, the PLUS MINUS ProSafe by MSXPLUS and the PLUS MINUS ProSafe by MSXMINUS there is never a Whole, never a Unit. Polarity, that is clearly the extreme diversity of a nonetheless cant and can`t be separated. Just the friction that you meet always and everywhere. (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe »Gingo Biloba«)

Reflective Safety Elements®MSX.

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Interacting with the future: The CLS 55 MX.

The true heart beat of a new generation of waterproof handlebar bags. Of course more than just a cool lifestyle in water-tight form language. Probably the highway star among the waterproof bar bags!

Superior MSX technology for all components. The function is the base. And Creative Shape Design follows this base. German precision puts the PLUS MINUS MagnetConnectModul-Technology (MCM)
in a nutshell!

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Ordered SPACE - INSIDE  8,8 Liter!

Pack Management - because volume requires an Overview. And accessories will need their own Order!

Die CLS 55 MX

Pack Management - because volume requires an overview. And the dimension needs to be organized!

Because approximately 8.8 liters of pure packing volume offers sufficient space, in order not to have to be restricted. 2x inner pockets with zipper place your accessories. 2x external, elastic mesh pockets allow you quick access to outside stowed equipment.
Dimensions: Width approx. 256mm, Height approx. 235mm, Depth approx. 154mm

Open, the view is free on a harmonic Interior!

A comfortable one-hand operation of the cover for quick access to the bag contents. The HYBRID module frame provides precise form stability with intelligent, frame-integrated magnetic modules (MCM-Technology) with an automatic mechanical locking system.

The CLS 55 MX. The HYBRID-Module Frame!

The heart and fundamental basic element of every modern, waterproof handlebar bag! Designed with sensitive hand, torsion-resistant and with clear, ingenious waterproof form language. Sophisticated, visible intelligent fine accentuated Design.

Form-integrated magnetic Modules include mechanical fuse components

MagnetModul technology (MSX-System) includes an mechanical fuse component for the automatic and secure locking of the top-sided cover. Makes technical PHYSICS features not only visible. But practical useful.

One-hand operation of the top-side Cover

The intelligent opening orientation of the frame-mounted magnetic modules (MSX- System) allows the easy one-handed operation of the cover covenant. Optional for right- or left-handers freely adjustable. Important in case fast accessing the contents of the bag is desired. In order not to miss a subject/motive, professional photographers attach great importance to fast access to their camera equipment.

The shape-fitting and by this way the precisely-fitting direct attachment of the locking module reliably ensures optimum shape stability even against lateral torsion. Horizontal and vertical accelerating forces, in case of fast over-travel of ground, shafts are absorbed absolutely reliably via the integral construction and are absolutely reliably dissipated.

frame direct1140572

Modern, high-quality plastic blends allow us the extremely weight-saving, lightweight construction. Compressed to 177 grams! Neither you nor your bike will feel that a bar bag is mounted.

Technical Product film

The modular construction and design allows the exchange of all component segments at any time and just thus ensures the economic and ecologic value of the MSX bar bags for years.

MAGNETISM – The elementary, sovereign, intelligence primordial force is used!

PLUS  MINUS MagnetModul Technology (MSX - System) for self-locking and secure locking of the top-side cover. Makes technical physics features not only visible. Rather, particularly intelligently useable. On the basis of elementary laws of nature.

Traditional Velcro or push button closures seemed to us no longer contemporary. Simple flat magnets, as used by the competition are unsuitable in many aspects. On the other hand, hard-magnetic neodymium magnets automatically lock with a very high bond force, ensure independent identification of the locking position and are particularly durable.

An integrated, sturdy, mechanical safety mechanism reduces the potential risk of unintentional opening of the lid to a zero (0). Even by impulsive stress!

Technical product film

+Plus -Minus MagnetConnectModul Technologie

Design dplusf wh Functional Components.
Made for each other.

Technical product film

With the quick-mounting module, Type-E already today for increased space requirements of the E-bike displays for E-mobility bikes prepared and predestined!

Quick-mounting module Typ-E  —  Prepared for increased space requirements of E-Bike Displays (z.B. BOSCH / Yamaha-Displays) for E-Mobilitybikes. Inner spacing in the horizontal widened to 78mm. Inner spacing in the vertical widened to 50mm!

ebike bla k drawingE 2560900 bg5

QuickLock-Module E

Handlebar Clamp Modules Ø 22,0mm – Ø 31,8mm


QuickLock-Module A

Handlebar Clamp Modules Ø 22,0mm – Ø 31,8mm


That`s me – The CLS 55 MX!

Exiting technical possibilities become Reality!

I give the beat and I give the rhythm. Especially the technical rhythm with which everyone must inevitably have to follow!


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