We recommend to see this product films before. A final product is only as good as the components installed will allow it to be!

Understand innovative MSX technologies. Understand exciting product design. Understand functionality and at the same time genuine, long-lasting product value! play black down

The 100% waterproof, 100% dustproof Panniers - / Lowrider bags
The SLR 55 MX!

The great life of a waterproof Pannier?  The elements are in balance!  Superior design, whereby precision is brought to the extreme.
Or how do you recognize an Icon?
Explorers are believing: The perfect synthesis of intelligent German craftsmanship and creative Design Skills!

The 100% waterproof, 100% dustproof BackPack
The BackPack 48° Degree!

Technical function-film regarding the practical roll closure as top loader with roll adjustment. Shows the awesome  PLUS  MINUS MagnetModul-Technology (MSX - System) installed at top-closure. A particularly innovative sealing solution. Physically and technically superior to conventional buckle systems.

The 100% waterproof Handlebar Bag.  The CLS 55 MX!

We`ve packed many great features into the CLS 55 MX. PLUS  MINUS MagnetModul-Technology (MSX - System) – Intelligent, powerful magnetic force! Modularly built with the closing/opening construction of cover and bag body makes technical features particularly smart exploitable. Allows easy single-handed operation of the bag cover. Optional for right- or left-handers freely adjustable. Important if you have need to access the contents of the bag quickly. Exciting already at first glance!

In a word: Superior technology and great features in a technical movie great visualized!

QuickLock-Module "OneTouch-System V8" (OTS-V8)!

The MSX Technology defines the ease of operation of QuickLock-Systems, especially on waterproof pannier bags for bicycles completely NEW!  The perfect synthesis of intelligent German craftsmanship and expressive German design. Technical Construction and Design made by MSX-Germany - Assembled by MSX-China.


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