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Alexandre Gendron / New Zealand 2017
Alexandre Gendron / New Zealand 2017 copyright© Alexandre Gendron

Alex Gendron, A photographer riding his bicycle from New Zealand to France

I believe that everyone can create the life of their dreams. This is why I quit my job in 2013. At this time I didn't really know where I was going but I was sure my life needed some modification.

This project is the outcome of a 2 years journey across Australia and New Zealand. Now, I want to inspire people through my photographs, videos and adventures.

Today, we are living in a society where we want everything to happen now but ironically just a few of us are living in the now.

I want to live every step of my journey. That's why I won't use any engine to travel from Wanaka to Paris by bicycle and sailing boat. Only the power of my legs and the force of the wind.

By traveling at a human speed, I will be able to connect with the local population to create powerful images and fully experiment every part of the journey.

The challenge is to link by bicycle and sailing boats Wanaka, an amazing little town based in the south island of New Zealand to Paris, the city I left to start my journey two years ago.

Along the travel I want to create a big picture of our world through my lens and my words to inspire everyone to take action to make it a better place for the next generation. Starting now. Pixnbike will be a human adventure across the world. !


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Alexandre Gendron

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